Barista Espresso - Eco-friendly, fair trade, organic coffee beans and tea.

About Barista Espresso

  Here at Barista Espresso and Specialty Coffee Roasting we look at today's restaurant and coffee shop businesses as our partners. With all the chain restaurants and chain coffee shops in Colorado.  We feel it is our duty to keep our independently owned restaurants and coffee shops informed and up to date, so that they stand out in the market. The lines of communication are open 24/7 to to help us understand and help solve all of our customers current and  future issues.

  At Barista Espresso and Specialty Coffee Roasting quality comes first. We negotiate and buy the best estate style coffee from around the world.

  Barista Espresso and Specialty Coffee Roasting has been owned and operated by it's founder Glenn Powell, since being established in 1992. Glenn has been very passionate about coffee for over 32 years.

  Barista Espresso and Specialty Coffee Roasting is one of a hand full of roasters in Colorado to be both Fair Trade and Organic certified. Our track record of environmentally responsible roasting practices, which includes the use of an afterburner. An afterburner burns off the smoke while we are roasting.This prevents us from poluting the air, like many roasters do!! This along with our commitment to recycling, is unmatched in Colorado. We roast every day for the freshness that discerning palates of fine coffee and espresso are looking for! Barista Espresso and Specialty Coffee Roasting does both European and American style roasting. If you are not sure which style fits your needs, contact us and we will explain.

  Quality, Integrity and service, has been our mission statement for 20 years. Thank you for visiting our web site!